Monday, December 28, 2015

Money Isn't What You Think It Is.

For generations, we've subconsciously approached financial issues in reverse, causing fundamental inefficiencies in the way we harness money as a powerful tool in the world. Because we don't ask the right questions or have conversations in the right framework with our kids and our friends for fear of being too exposed or violating taboo, we rob ourselves of the first question - what do you want to do in your life that would make you happy? Having money as an end is of course an illusory and weak promise of self-fulfillment. There is more. We just need to ask.

The recent trend in consumer spending patterns toward investing in experiences rather than consumer brand "things" suggest that people are just beginning to catch on. There is a detachment happening between defining oneself by the things we own and what we want to have felt, learned, tasted, and seen in life.

Money needs to become something different in our culture than what it has been. Far more mutable. If it can become merely the tool that it is meant to be, the derived socioeconomic outcomes would be powerful. 

Finance used to be a core subject that was taught in public middle and high schools. After generations of budget cuts, this is no longer the case. However, its importance to the wellness and strength of each person's future has not changed. An understanding and appreciation of finance is a fundamental building block to a young person's development. If anything, young as well as older people today need more than ever to understand how the choices they are making everyday will affect the choices they have in the future. There needs to be a generational re-engagement with finance.

The first problem with money is that it's perceived as boring. So we're making it funny. We recognize that the youngest generations lean heavily toward visual learning - we're producing videos that break apart from the norm of personal finance. Engage, laugh, and learn. There are finance basics that need to be learned that apply to everyone. From there, we encourage individuals to properly build their finances and financial plan to fulfill their greater goal. There is a different financial strategy for every purpose. Embracing our individuality and dropping illusions of what financial security should look like are prerequisite steps.

We would like to create a safe community where people can come and learn about how money works, and how they can harness it to support their talents. We have written some blogs/free content and cut a few video classes to start. More are coming down the pipe.

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